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Innovative solutions for healthcare 


About Prodigy Blue

Prodigy Blue specializes in innovative healthcare solutions for adults. We offer Medicare data interpretation for healthcare providers, Medicare insurance consultancy and agency support, and brain-exercising games for older adults. Prodigy Blue has strong expertise in the U.S. Hispanic market and owns firms focused on the older adult population.  

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About Dr. Juan-Carlos Durán

Dr. Durán is positioned at the intersection of digital media, human behavior, and business. As a digital media scientist, entrepreneur, captivating speaker, and accomplished artist, Dr. Durán weaves together the realms of technology, human behavior, and creativity. He is the founder of various companies in the healthcare space including Kova Healthcare , PlanSeek, Mi Seguro Honesto and others.
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Medicare insurance help for patients and healthcare providers 

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Medicare insurance guidance for the Hispanic community

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Growing medical group in California

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Patient data for healthcare clinics

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Brain training games and exercises for older adults.

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